Members' Stories

Life at TASC by Fiona 

When I was nineteen I was packing up teddies and rabbits and all the other things they made. In those days I went five days a week, then when I was twenty six I took a fourteen  year break, while I brought up our son. In 2002 I had the chance to come back for two days a week which I took gladly. So on a Wednesday and a Thursday I come in by taxi. There were a lot of new people at TASC, but there was still half a dozen people I knew. Most of my time is taken up by my cross stitch after I have finished some of my cross stitch, I then write some of my poetry or sometimes I write a bit for the newsletter like my hot air balloon trip that I went on. I join in with the bingo sometimes and I like playing curling and carpet bowls,  I go to the cinema  and theater with TASC. On a Thursday afternoon I always join in with the Zumba which I enjoy, I also enjoy going in the hydro pool. I am now fifty four and I thoroughly enjoy coming to TASC. It is better now than in the early days for there is more for me to do.

A new career?

A few of the members were asked by the School of Health and Social Care at the University of Teesside to come and talk about their experiences. Colin and Lindsey volunteered - they have recently completed a Person-Centred Plan in their 'All About Me' Group. After the presentation they answered questions from the audience and discussed how they felt about the 'All About Me' Group at the centre. They were made to feel really welcome by the students and by the course tutor Mary Dunning.

Fred and Irene

Why do you like being at TASC?

I like the fact that it keeps me busy and it means I get to mix with my frends and other people. It gives me the chance to learn new skills too, and I really love that. The holidays are great; we can organise these ourselves and we go to accessible places.

The staff are brilliant and are very supportive when we want to try new things. They always involve us in any new activities and it’s great when people from outside the Centre get involved in what are doing.


I come to TASC two  days a week. My favourite things at TASC are the Hydro-Therapy Pool, working in our shop Candy Bar, and being with my friends.


What do you enjoy most?

Inkspot: making cards, calendars and newsletters using the computer. When we are out and about, we take photos of our events and use those in our newsletters which we create three times a year.

I like playing games, especially cards, and socialising with other people. Baking, cooking, outdoor events.